Vision & Mission


Providing added value to society by providing our services, with the highest quality standards, and by applying best practices to meet all the needs of our customers, ensure their rights and work in accordance with the Kingdom's 2030 vision, and this is represented in:


Towards success and ambition, towards luxury of living and prosperity, together hand in hand, we support our leaders with all our strength to reach the peaks and take all paths to achieve a vision with a bright future and build our country with the arms of our youth. We seek to empower the workforce of Saudi youth to face the challenges that face them and to effectively participate in society. You are the first patriot (FNRCO) employs individuals looking for distinguished jobs in various fields at all establishments, taking into account the most appropriate for them in terms of specialization, abilities, ambition, and finding the right person in the right place. Linking both the business sector in the Saudi market and the Saudi youth and supporting the Emiratisation plan for jobs in both the public and private sectors through qualification and training that ends with employment. Identify the human needs of small and large enterprises operating in various fields through employment and human resources departments and we meet these requirements with high efficiency and excellence, and then select them with high accuracy and great care